Nicollet Veterinary Clinic provides in-clinic blood testing for routine blood counts and basic chemistries to aid in disease diagnosis and nutritional evaluation. We out-source Coggins tests and several

Preventative Medicine

We have a large array of preventative vaccines for our equine, bovine, swine, and small ruminant clients. We provide counseling for our clients as to the appropriate vaccines to use in each unique situation.

Reproductive Services

We can do pregnancy diagnosis by either rectal palpation or ultrasound in cattle and horses and by ultrasound in other species. We do artificial insemination in both cattle and horses. We do breeding soundness exams in bulls using electroejaculation.

Nutritional evaluation

Our doctors can evaluate your rations for swine, dairy, beef, or equine. They can help you get the best value for your money and can help you ensure that all minimum requirements are met.

Herd Consultation and Disease Diagnostics

We can help you evaluate facilities and management as they affect your animals. If you have a disease problem, we can help you diagnose the problem by clinical signs, post mortem examinations of dead animals, and through the use of regional veterinary diagnostic laboratories.

Exotic Animal Herd Work

We are familiar with and have worked with many types of exotic animals including alpacas, llamas, reindeer, buffalo, white tailed deer, elk, emus, and ostriches.