Preventive Medicine

Nicollet Veterinary Clinic recommends annual examinations for all our patients. A full line of preventative vaccines and parasite control is available. We individually tailor vaccinations and other preventative health needs for each patient, depending on their exposure to infectious diseases and household in which they live. We keep in mind the health of the PET and the OWNER. We are very cautious about the zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted between pets and people. Please let us know if your pet has contact with any immune-compromised people, including infants, seniors, diabetes or chemotherapy patients, etc.


Radiographs/x-ray technology is available to assist us in diagnosing medical or surgical cases. Films can be viewed with you within a few minutes. We do x-rays for many dogs requiring OFA certification of hips and elbows.

Laboratory Medicine

We have automated blood chemistry and hematology machines to assist in the diagnosis of diseases. We also do in-clinic tests for intestinal parasites (fecal stool tests), heartworm, tick-borne diseases (Lyme, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia), bacterial and fungal cultures, feline leukemia and FIV, and more. For other lab tests, we utilitize and outside lab that provides FedEx overnight services, so often we will get results by the next morning.


We do routine elective surgeries including spays, neuters and declaws. Removal of foreign bodies (like rubber balls in the stomach) and bladder stones, tumor removal, and exploratory surgery make up most of the rest of our surgeries. We use state of the art gas anesthesia (either isoflourane or sevoflourane) and patients  monitors for heart rate (EKG), blood oxygen levels, and breathing rate during surgery to insure the safety of our patients.


Our animals are living longer because we are doing more to keep them healthy. Dental exams have become a big part of our practice for middle-aged and senior patients. Dental disease can easily lead to premature heart, kidney, and liver disease. A healthy mouth is extremely important in keeping our pets healthy. We now include full mouth dental x-rays while cleaning and polishing with our ultrasonic dental equipment.

Puppy/Kitten Programs

Nicollet Veterinary Clinic emphasizes providing owners of new pets information and assistance with appropriate pet behavior. Our staff likes to be proactive in helping clients get off to a good start with new puppies and kittens, and subsequently avoid behavioral pitfalls down the road. We email new puppy owners an ebook “After You Get Your Puppy” at the time of the first puppy visit. If you are reading this BEFORE you get a puppy, contact us for a free copy of “Before You Get Your Puppy”. You will appreciate the author’s presentation on the dog’s perspective. Nicollet Veterinary Clinic also has the SIRIUS Puppy Training video for free check-out.

Behavior Counseling

More animals are euthanized or abandoned because of behavior problems than for any disease or injury. Thus, our emphasis on puppy and kitten programs and doing things right before problems develop! Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Our staff will make every attempt possible to discuss in depth with owners their pet’s behavioral problems and offer a variety of solutions, from formal training to behavioral modification, from herbs and pheromones to even prescriptions medications where necessary.

Dietary Counseling

Nutrition for pets, as for people, is the basis for good health. Our staff is very focused on nutrition and its relationship to health problems, such as allergies and skin disease, ear infections, bladder problems, diarrhea or vomiting. Nicollet Veterinary Clinic does carry prescription foods, primarily the Royal Canin line, for some specific health needs. However, we prefer to help our clients find a commercial food whenever possible.


Nicollet Veterinary Clinic has long provided reproductive services for area breeders We are experienced in semen collection and evaluation, as well as artificial insemination, and (unfortunately!) do many caesarian sections every year. Progesterone testing for proper breeding time is widely used, and we do ultrasound and palpation for pregnancy diagnosis, as well as radiographs to count feti prior to delivery. We can also help owners with prebreeding requirements, such a Brucellosis testing and certification for OFA hips, elbows, patella, kidney, and thyroid database.


Our clinic implants Save This Life microchips for owners who want the additional security for their pets. The microchip, only the size of a grain of rice, is placed under the skin over the shoulder blades. For the patient, it is no worse than getting a shot with a big needle. It can be done in seconds during any appointment. We have a universal microchip scanner to detect all types of chips in strays animals.

Euthanasia & Cremation

End of life discussions with our clients are often necessary to advise a course of action that will fit both the owner and the patient’s best needs. We have all experienced first hand the loss of our own family pet, so we understand what you are going through. We will help during this difficult time in any way we can.